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    Met Tucker Carlson The Most Respected Media Personality In USA

    Good morning, everyone! The United States of America is one of the most advanced and powerful countries in the world because of its tolerance. It is predominantly a Christian nation where you can criticize the President, who is Catholic, without fear of retaliation. You can say he’s a fake...
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    Facebook Meta Tests AI Chatbot On WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger

    Facebook Owner of Meta, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger have started testing their AI Chatbot across the META Platforms: Join this platform AfricaChoice By Clicking Here for 100% free Meta has confirmed to the public, as well as media houses including us AfricaChoice that it is testing Meta...
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    Moment Vanessa McColumbus Cut Her Over 14-Year Dreadlock Hair ( Watch)

    Vanessa is a girl, loved by her caring parents who have lived responsibly as parents every child will ever wish for From Port Harcourt where she was born now in London United States, her parents have been wonderful when it comes to parenting, they are just the best Then a few days ago, Vanessa...
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    President Putin Sends Russian Soldiers To Niger Republic

    Just arrived over 100+ Russian Soldiers Are Now In West Africa Niger Republic To Train an Armed Niger Military Force Breaking: Russia has sent an air defense system and 100 military trainers to the Niger Republic. The Military personnel came all the way from Russia as stated by the Russian...
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    Why Elon Musk Is In Legal and Political Standoff With Brazil's Supreme Court (Free Speech)

    As Brazil government moved to possibly ban Twitter X in Brazil for refusing to censor some users' accounts, ban free speech Elon has early replied to the Brazil government, including her Supreme Court that he is never going to do that, and that Freedom of speech will surely be upheld in any...
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    MrBeast Built 100 Wells And Provide Clean Drinking Waters For Millions In Africa (Watch)

    What most of the government in Africa failed to do for her people, MrBeast one of the top American Youtuber and Social media influencer has Built 100 Wells In Africa to Provide Clean Drinking Water For Millions of people across African communities It will interest you to know that, MrBeast in...
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    But Those Who Marry Will Have Trouble In This Life (1 Corinthians 7:27-28)

    The majority know about the book of Proverbs 18:22, which says "He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD" Love and Marriage most quoted Bible Verse But not all, most people don't know about the bible verses that said, But those who marry will have trouble in this...
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    President Tinubu Appoints Management Team To Head Nigeria Student Loans Fund

    The Nigeria State House Has Announce To The General Public That President Tinubu has appointed a Management Team To Head the Nigeria Student Loans Fund Ensuring that no Nigeria student is a school dropout due to finances and the youth are more integrated into society as learned people...
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    US Threatens Sanctions After Uganda Constitution Court Upholds Anti-Gay Law

    An Independent country in East Africa "The Republic of Uganda" has been threatened once more with more Sanctions after the constitutional court of the country upheld the Gay Law The people of this country and her Government have jointly said no to homosexuality across their country and those in...
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    No Nigeria Student Will Drop Out Of School Again: President Tinubu Assured Nigerians

    Just Few Hours after President Tinubu Signed The National Students Loan Amendment Bill Into Law, He has once again ensured Nigerians that no Nigeria student will drop out of school ever again In his words: No student will drop out of university over inability to pay tuition fees, President...
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    Jesus Paid Your Debts Not Your TAXES NG FIRS Apologies

    The Nigeria Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) The government agency has deleted his Easter message to Nigerians and also issued an apology to the public In their voice (The FIRS) said We will never denigrate Jesus Christ—-FIRS, our attention has been drawn to a statement by the Christian...
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    The Story Behind DHL And How It Started In 1969

    You can get started at any time with that little you have or already know and be assured of massive growth as long you get your goal, actions, practice, and management right Yes, as long as you take action in being consistent in your business, career, or dream, you will surely get to the pick...
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    Why Are Artificial Sell More Than Original Across Africa

    We all have seen that artificial in almost every area across Africa industries sell more than the original, even propaganda news also trends more than truth in this part of the world and the question still remain #why From Artificial hair to artificial nails to artificial make-up, whitening...
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    Happy Easter To You All

    Jesus Christ is Risen, So We All Here Just Want To Say A Very Big Happy Easter To You all from #NL_SOFT Owner's of and Publisher's Happy Easter To You All and God bless and remember to sign up to AfricaChoice here for 100% free
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    President Biden Proclaimed March 31 Easter Sunday (Transgender Day Of Visibility)

    President Joe Biden, President of the United States has on this day just recognized 31 March Easter Sunday As Transgender Day of Visibility In case you missed this today, President Joe Biden has proclaimed March 31, 2024, as a transgender day of visibility irrespective of the holey week and...
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    Dangote Donates 80000 Bags Of 10Kg Rice To Vulnerable Lagosians

    The richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote has donated 80,000 bags of 10kg rice to Nigeria's Lagos state vulnerable residents as the distribution of the rice kick-up This is recommendable in the spirit of Ramadan, and Easter celebration, Eighty thousand (80,000) bags of 10kg rice are set to be...
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    WHY Evil Keeps Growing Evil People Now More Celebrated And Successful

    Yes Anne Frank's memory alive and is a great legacy to the entire world, we hope the present word will read and learn from it that we are one Human race and let love lead among us all.
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    WHY Evil Keeps Growing Evil People Now More Celebrated And Successful

    Our world today is like this, do bad and you will be successful, just do bad, do the opposite of what is good and ethical, and see you and wealth that even the society you hurt with your bad deed will come celebrating you. You see, before Adolf Hitler, his quest for more power that led to World...
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    Apply For Africa Development Bank Recruitment For Social Media Consultant

    You can now apply for Africa Development Bank Recruitment For Social Media Consultant. But first, go through this post thread, and best of luck from us Africa Choice to you all When applying for this job placement, an applicant is required to fill in his/her personal information such as first...
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    Nigeria Senate Passes Student Loan Act 2024

    Many Believe This Is A Welcome Development As The Nigeria Senate Passes Student Loan Act 2024 The Senate has recently approved the Student Loans Access to Higher Education Act (Repeal and Re-Enactment) Bill of 2024. This decision came after careful consideration of the report presented by...