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2023 Is A Big Year For AI (Elon Musk)


As I write to you, google is working day and night to better its AI model, Microsoft owners of Bing are also in the competition building their own AI Model

ChatGPT is on fire right now with millions of users daily globally, as well as more advancement on its yet-to-be-released OpenAI updates. Twitter is building its own AI model as Elon tweeted recently

Indeed 2023 is a big year for AI, a tech model that will rule the next decades of tech industries, as predicted AI will be far better than humans at everything by the year 2030

Everything, including the last thing you could ever imagine, AI will be better than human classroom teachers, AI will robot will involve relationships, and marriages and will be better than human as predicted

AI will replace human car driving and will be far better than human drivers, AI is already replacing human coding in the programming niche, human content writing has already been replaced, and human graphic designing has also been replace

All these subset niches, marketing, education, business, finance, blogging, e-commerce, gaming, self-driving car, healthcare, and manufacturing are being taken over by AI

AI is already taking over real human moderating jobs and many more jobs that will be taken over by AI, surely AI is taking over and It can only get better as time goes by

Many people are already losing their jobs to AI possible, sadly more people are set to lose their job, while more people will follow in the coming years. 2023 is a year of disruption, a big year for AI, and also a time for new tech possibilities to emerge, more start-ups to follow

The Fear Of AI Taking Over Your Jobs

You do not need to fear for jobs or the future of your jobs when you can learn and keep improving in your skillset with today's technologies. Yes you only need to get along with the moving thread in technology, embrace the AI learning machine, move along where technology is heading to

As I write to you Google remains the top tech company in the world and SEO is more competitive now than ever irrespective of the ongoing disruptions

In the coming weeks from now ChatGPT- 4 will be released, and Deepmind’s Sparrow is also coming, with more improvement on Text-2-video AI Model. Coding and programming AI models, all getting more advanced improvement and many more. Just as the topic read, Elon Musk the new owner of Twitter has declared 2023 as a big year for AI. See the tweet below

2023 Is A Big Year For AI (Elon Musk).jpg

Now the question is, how ready, how prepared are you to embrace this new tech model, will you be among those waiting for their dream jobs to be taken away from them by AI or

Will you be willing to get set AND start learning, continue to improve yourself with the latest technology as more AI software, tools, and robot will be coming in days, months years and these AI models are predicted to be far better than humans in almost everything

Now Imagine AI Being Far Better Than Human

Imagine AI being far better than Humans in almost everything, far better than the best programmer in the world, SEO expert in the world, far better than the best professor in the world, and teachers around the world

AI becoming wives to people and better husbands to people, AI this and that. This is coming and is coming so fast, the disruption will be much, it will indeed touch almost all industries, including agro, yes how we farm and make crops will also influence by AI, social media, social life, and even politics will all feel the AI models

2023 Is A Big Year For AI Said Elon Musk and other professionals in the tech industry that 2023 is set to be an unprecedented year for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its improved development.

AI technology has been making strides in the last few years, but 2023 promises to be the year that AI will take off in a big wing. This is largely due to the efforts of tech entrepreneurs like Google, ChatGPT, Microsoft, Elon Musk, Twitter, META, and more who are now proponents of advancing AI technology.

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