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A Lady Celebrates the Business She Started With NYSC Allowance Grow Into Millions Empire

Here Is The Happy Moment A Lady Celebrates the Business She Started With NYSC Allowance Grow Into Millions Empire

When it comes to gaining, planning, and seeing the happy moments of a young lady who started her business with a 37,000 Naira NYSC Allowance monthly fee in 2020 and has grown the business to a million empire in 2024

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Back to the moment, the Lady celebrates as the business she started with NYSC allowance in 2020 grows into a full band

She was a former National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member, Gladys Adija by name, who started her business with NYSC Allowance and has as of 2024 grown her small foodstuffs business into a successful brand.

Adija began her journey in 2020 by saving her NYSC allowance to invest in her passion for food entrepreneurship. Her business has now flourished into a full-fledged brand.

In a recent update, Adija expressed her gratitude and amazement at the rapid growth of her business, revealing that the NYSC has noticed her success and is eager to collaborate with her.

Also shared on social media, she wrote; see quote below
“We got a call from NYSC today, I am speechless. God has done it for me.😭🙌❤️ Thank you NYSC

The business I started with my NYSC Allowance savings in 2020 has grown into a full brand and they are hoping to work with me. NYSC is coming to support my business to multinational, as they promised after yesterday's call from them

Who would have thought that the idea of saving my allowance to go into the food business was going to become the beginning of my breakthrough?

Who would have thought that the crazy young copper who was carrying tomato on her head in Faringada market was going to go this far? God, I am very grateful. This just had to be you.” she shared. Sign up to AfricaChoice and access the Exportation Business Course here. Now see the photo news footage below