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A Lesson From The Prodigal Son


Before you read "A Lesson From The Prodigal Son" know that. It's Normal To Make Mistakes, no matter how bad that mistake could be, it's normal to make mistakes. What is not normal is staying on top of those mistakes for so long

So right on this post thread "are some important lessons we can learn from the Biblical Character "The Prodigal Son" as stated in the ancient book "THE PRODIGAL SON MADE 4 MISTAKES" which are

(1) HE WENT TOO FAR From His Family​

These are the key mistakes the biblical character "Prodigal Son" made and here are the lessons we should learn from such. In reality, everyone has a place that is prepared for them. The fact that there is a place prepared for you that is the place you should align yourself at a given time

A Lesson From The Prodigal Son, worldsocio.png

You don't try to force yourself out of such a place, not even when the time is not right, in the case of the prodigal son, he forced himself out of the place, being his father's house where God has designed for him to be at that time and went very far away from his family

Like mother nature, it is not a miracle for a fish to live in the water for long because it is its place. Likewise a lion in the forest. Where you are positioned to live at any given time matters a lot

Any aspect of life you are lacking, please check, It may be because you have lost dominion in that aspect, or a situation where you have left a place you are supposed to be to yet another place where you are not

When a man is not taking dominion he is not fulfilling scripture, nothing can fight you when you take your place, hold on to your place. Destiny is God's divine purpose for your life, our life, for every one of us, and is important that we all align in God's presence for our destiny is in God

When someone leaves his or her place of relevance, such a person may have lost his purpose. His purpose for life at that time, sometimes it may take them years to realign again, most time they may not be too lucky to recover and realign their life purpose again

When you do not walk in alignment with God's plans for you, and God's words, you then start to walk without a purpose. No matter the situation around you, if you are where God has placed you there must be a victory

God did not just give you a place, God also gave you provision, guidance, and protection when you are at the right place where He has positioned you

The prodigal son had the power to ask his father for his portion but could not manage it, so when he asked and it was fully given, he left his place and later lost his purpose. Thankfully he was able to realize his mistakes and retreat from his steps, return to his father, beg for forgiveness, and be forgiven

Dominion should not be a prayer request, being at your right place should also not be a prayer request, is something you need an understanding to handle. For it is your responsibility to maximize what God has given to you.

Remember the mistakes of the prodigal son, he went too far from his family, HE SPENT ALL HE HAD, He had the wrong association, He lived a riotous lifestyle, and more importantly, but was able to come to his reasons returned to his father's house, his right place. Should you yet to Sign Up to Worldsocio please do so now for 100% free