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Here Is Elon Musk One Year Of Success With X-Twitter


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In just one year since Elon Musk Bought X-Twitter, He Has Extraordinary Evolue The X Social Media Space. Indeed Elon's purchased have changed the game

Below Are Snapshot of what Elon Musk's and X-Twitter Team were able to achieve in just one year. It was a massive transformation

- The Rebranded of Twitter as 𝕏.​
- Launched the beta version of audio/video calling.​
- Improved the live streaming quality.​
- Launched an Ad revenue share program for the creators.​
- Started paying the creators twice a month.​
- Paid over ~20 million dollars to creators globally.​
- Creators have 10x since June.​
- Have Time spent on Communities increased by 300%​
- Have Improved Citizen Journalism​
- X-Twitter now records over 550 million monthly active users​
- Over 500 million posts every day​
- Over 100 billion + impressions every day​
- Over 1.5 million sign-ups every day (up 4% from last year)​
- More People are spending 14% more time on X​
- Ninety percent of the top 100 advertisers have returned to X​
- Long and Short Video views have increased by 90 percent when compared to last year.​
- Introduced recruitment/jobs feature for verified organizations.​
- Announced that a fully open-source algorithm will go live soon.​
- Reached a new all-time high of user-seconds.​
- Improved ad experience for advertisers​
- Increased group chat size to 200 people.​
- Launched 𝕏 Pro​
- Announced the retirement of Circles feature.​
- Lowered the eligibility threshold for ad revenue sharing from 15M to 5M​
- Rolling out vertical video ads for brands.​
- Rolled in pic-in-pic feature for videos on the web.​
- Improved communities experience​
- Announced the removal of the twee cred system for post cred.​
- Added live streams on the top bar of the feed.​
- Improved live streaming & tested game streaming.​
- Launched the immersive video player.​
- Made the process of reporting a post easier.​
- Launched job cards under the recruitment feature for verified business organizations.​
- Improved the UI by removing headings from the links​
- Announced the ability of group calling on 𝕏- Twitter​
- Renamed 𝕏 Blue to 𝕏 Premium​
- Announced the removal of block feature except for DMs.​
- Major upgrades to videos, Audio, and media.​
- Announced that the company is close to break-even financially.​
- Secured money transmission license in multiple states for 𝕏 payments.​
- Introduced video downloads for verified users.​
- Testing not a bot program in New Zealand and the Philippines to fight bots​
- Added an ability to limit replies to verified users only​
- Launched expanded bios on the web​
- Made communities accessible in more countries​
- Added ID verification on the web.​
- Added an ability to hide likes.​
- Added a tab for verified followers on user profiles.​
- Added an ability to accept DMS from verified users only to prevent spam.​
- Introduced DM support for the ad customers.​
- Announced that 𝕏 will fund legal representation for users fired from their jobs for their 𝕏 activity.​
- Included posts from communities in your feed.​
- Renamed notes feature to articles that will have no character limits.​
- Added highlights tab to the profiles.​
- Improved account analytics.​
- Linda Yaccarino joined as the new CEO.​
- Elon Musk to continue working on product design & new technology.​
- Launched an early version of encrypted DMs.​
- Added an ability for community admins to spotlight their community in the profile.​
- Reduced child sexual abuse material by around 95% since the acquisition.​
- Introduced voice dms & tweets.​
- Introduced highlights tab on profiles.​
- 90% of the bot accounts are now deleted.​
- Introduced the ability to upload long videos.​
- Improved advertisement And brand safety.​
- Updated the auto-reply to their press email to "We will get back to you soon"​
- Introduced formatting for long-form posts.​
- Extended the community notes availability to more countries.​
- Introduced individual replies to DMS & custom emoji reactions.​
- Started recruiting.​
- Launched faster playback & mini player for videos.​
- Added an ability to allow DMS from subs only.​
- Continued UX/UI improvements.​
- Added list search feature to the web.​
- Reached 550 million+ total active users.​
- Released subscriptions for creators.​
- Open-sourced the code for recommended tweets.​
- Removed legacy checkmarks.​
- Prioritized the verified accounts to fight spam & bots.​
- Added airplay button for videos on iOS​
- Incorporated as X Corp.​
- Added an ability to fast forward/rewind videos on 𝕏.​
- Became the most downloaded & #1 news app in multiple countries.​
- Improved ad relevance.​
- All-time low hate speech levels.​
- Removed child porn.​
- Introduced rate limits to prevent data scraping.​
- Added fast forward/ backward feature to videos.​
- Launched subscriber-only replies.​
- Launched spaces on the web.​
- Added an ability to hide the blue checkmark.​
- Reduced scam accounts.​
- Most of the top 100 advertisers have now returned to spending on ads.​
- Released new features in the shortest period in X's history.​
- Improved engagements for advertisers.​
- Exposed truth via Twitter files.​
- Removed censorship across X-Twitter.​
- Restored free speech.​
- Launched long-form tweets.​
- Introduced Multiple organization affiliate badges.​
- Announced the discontinuity of the Twitter circles feature.​
- Improved post analytics.​
- Community notes debunking propaganda & misstatements.​
- Introduced verified badges for organizations.​
- Tipping, Payments, ability to edit video clips within the app, new features for live streams​
- Added more features to gift X premium subscription​
- Added X video app for Smart TVs​
- Released Account status (ability to check if a user is shadow-banned and a reason for the same)​
-Added translation feature for videos, and the ability to rewind the live spaces​
- Improved media tab on profiles, ability to sort posts and comments, as well​
- Semantic A.I. Search, ability to change the price of subscriptions, global search for Jobs, similar posts, more x premium plans, live streaming via PS5/XBOX, Removal of Interaction counts from main timeline coming soon.​

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This Is How The Inner Engineering X-Twitter Team Explained The, Other Key Areas Where Progress Was Made !!! 👇 👇 👇

- Consolidated the tech stacks for For you, Following, Search, Profiles, Lists, Communities, and Explore around a singular product framework.

- Completely rebuilt the For you serving and ranking systems from the ground up, resulting in a decrease 90% reduction in lines of code from 700K to 70K, a 50% decrease in our compute footprint, and an 80% increase in the throughput of posts scored per request.

- Unified the For you and video personalization and ranking models, which significantly improved video recommendation quality.

- Refactored the API middleware layer of our tech stack and in doing so simplified the architecture by removing more than 100K lines of code and thousands of unused internal endpoints and eliminating unadopted client services.

- Reduced post metadata sourcing latency by 50%, and global API timeout errors by 90%.

- Blocked bots and content scrapers at a rate of +37% greater than 2022. On average, we prevent more than 1M bots signup attacks each day and we’ve reduced DM spam by 95%.

- Shut down the Sacramento data center and re-provisioned the 5,200 racks and 148,000 servers, which generated more than $100M in annual savings. In total, we freed up 48 MW of capacity and tore down 60k lbs. of network ladder rack before re-provisioning it to other data centers.

- Optimized our usage of cloud service providers and began doing much more on-prem. This shift has reduced our monthly cloud costs by 60%. Among the changes we made was a shift of all media/blob artifacts out of the cloud, which reduced our overall cloud data storage size by 60%, and separately, we succeeded in reducing cloud data processing costs by 75%.

- Built on-prem GPU Supercomputer clusters and designed, developed, and delivered 43.2Tbps of new network fabric architecture to support the clusters.

- Scaled network backbone capacity and redundancy, which resulted in $13.9M/year in savings.

- Started automated peak traffic failover tests to validate the scalability and availability of the entire platform continuously.

This great progress, is just within a year full of engineering processing, and excellence that sometimes can go unannounced and unnoticed, besides all the visible changes you see on the X-Twitter app

Just as we write some of these important improvements we have made under the hood. Works are still ongoing and more focus in fixing some of the bugs reported by the X-Twitter users.