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How To Apply For Nigeria Student Loan



Step By Step How To Apply For Nigeria Student Loan Post Guide and Short Video. PLEASE Read To The END

On Friday, 31 May 2024 The Nigeria government through The Nigerian Education Loan Fund (NELFUND) opened up the Nigeria student loan application portal for Nigeria students in Higher Education learning and over 6000 people successfully applied in the first week

While the number of student applying for the Nigeria student loan keep increasing daily. We just want to use the medium to cover how to apply for the Nigeria student loan for the benefit of all "THOSE" finding it slightly hard to apply for the program

So Far So Good A Great number of Nigeria students have Welcome The Nigeria Student Loan Program

This shows how welcoming the program is and more importantly how vital it is to the educational life of our great Nigerian students and Nigeria as a country, to Nigerians in general

So right on this post thread, for the love of our great Nigeria students, I Mbonu Watson co-publisher of Africa Choice have taken a day to create this step-by-step guide focusing on how students can apply for this program even with their mobile phones

This post thread is necessary as we discovered that a great number of people are asking questions on how they can proceed and apply for this Nigeria student loan application

In other words, a great number of Nigerian students don't even know the right official website portal released by the Nigerian Education Loan Fund (NELFUND) for the Nigeria Student Loan Program

While we have answered some of the questions and tips you need to know about the Nigerian education loan fund, check the Nigeria Student Loan Scheme for more


To get you started answering your answers in simple practical steps "How To Apply For The Nigeria Student Loan"

First, the official website portal for the Nigeria Student Loan is also follow

1: All the information you need to know about the Nigeria student loan, as well as frequently asked questions can be found here, so please endeavor to go through the informational portal and read the FAQ section: You can copy the URL link below and past on your browser


2: Portal for Login/Signup. Yes, you can Sign up and log into the portal: You can as well copy the below URL link and past at your brower

But to get access to the login, you need to first Create an account from the same link part, to be able to log in and proceed with your application form filling

3: This is the main application portal, once you have created your account and have gone through the site. : See the main application URL link below


You can now use this link to proceed and apply for the Nigeria student loan and wait if you will be among the first batch beneficially of this program, probably yes. We do wish you success

So when you take your time and go through these steps, you will understand how simple applying for the Nigeria education loan fund is. Now watch the upcoming video "How To Apply For Nigeria Student Loan" for more and stay focused

End note:
If you are among the thousands and possibly millions of Nigerian students applying for the Nigeria student loan, understand that this is a welcome development and we all at Africa Choice wish all Nigerian students applying for this program great success

We look up to the Federal Government of Nigeria to grant this loan to great numbers of Nigerians in their millions record from all states across Nigeria, who have taken the time to apply for this loan. Time is hard 90% of Nigeria students need this support now more than ever. Also, sign up to Africa Choice here to keep learning and get access to more incentives.