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How To Apply For TIN (Tax Identification Number) in Nigeria


TIN which stands for Taxpayer Identification Number or Tax Identification Number According to Wikipedia: is an identifying number used for tax purposes in all countries with Taxpayer policies under the common reporting standard, including the United States, Nigeria, England, Japan etc

Our purpose here Africa Choice is to reveal to you how you can apply for TIN and get your Tax Identification Number (Nigeria) in less than 1 hour for almost free.

We are using Nigeria TIN, Nigeria which is the most populated African nation and the largest black man country in the world. So pay attention to the steps am about to reveal here and remember to Sign up to Africa Choice for more incentives stay on as we bring you more Digital Marketing kits

The Steps To Apply For TIN (Nigeria)

The steps are very simple, you can apply in a day and get your TIN Number the same day, with 100% stress-free and more importantly Its Free, but first is advisable you have a Business Name incorporated With The Nigeria Government.

This business name can be an Enterprise, Limited, etc, and can be incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), which is a Federal institution in charge of registering business names in West Africa Nigeria. Once you have your business name incorporated and have the certificate, that is all.

The next step is for you to proceed with your business name certificate to any of the nearest Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) close to you in your residential state across Nigeria.

While going to any of the branches of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), please go with the following details.

1: Your Passport photography​
2: Your Utility Bills: Like (NEPA) electricity bill​
3: Any valid Government ID Card: Like a Nigeria voter card or National Identification card and remember​
4: Your incorporated business certificate​

So when you get to any of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), just inform them that you want to apply for TIN, they will give you a form to fill out or open up their portal where you can apply online, using those document and submit your application form.

Once you have applied and your application is reviewed the same day, right in front of you, it will be approved and your TIN sent to you along with the proof certificate copy.

REMEMBER: Once you have successfully applied, your TIN will be out, with the certificate handed over to you. That is all. You now have your TIN Number. Hope you got it, Sign up to Africa Choice for more incentives and stay on

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