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Japan Launch Official Dating App To Encourage Marriages and Child Birth

The Government of Japan has mandated dating and marriages among Japanese as the drop in birth rates is the "gravest crisis our country faces," said Japan's Kishida, so the Japanese government has launched new measures to boost the birth rate.

Launched in Tokyo Japan, a dating app in a bid to promote marriage and combat Japan's recent declining birthrate. The app aims to provide a secure platform for single people, male and female looking to tie the knot, with a thorough registration process requiring proof of single status and a commitment to marriage.

Prompted by Elon Musk's point of view, Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has called the drop in birth rates the "gravest crisis our country "Japan" faces" and has unveiled a range of measures to support child-bearing households.

The government has allocated a substantial amount of money to promote marriages through apps and other projects, encouraging its citizen in to date and marriages

To sign up for the app, users will need to provide detailed personal information, including height, education, occupation, and even a tax certificate to verify their annual salary. The government's involvement is expected to instill a sense of security and encourage hesitant individuals to take the first step in finding a partner.

The initiative comes as Japan faces a critical situation, with births falling for the eighth consecutive year and the population expected to decline by 30% by 2070. Tokyo, in particular, has the highest unmarried rates for 50-year-olds in the country, with 32% of men and 24% of women remaining single.

With the launch of this government-backed dating app, Tokyo hopes to provide the necessary "gentle push" for the 70% of people who desire marriage but have been hesitant to actively seek a partner.

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