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Online Business Transaction Down Across Russia, Cant Make Payment, Can't Withdraw


Online Business Transaction Down Across Russia, Cant Make Payment, Can't Withdraw

As an online business owner, I have customers, friends, and colleagues all over the world and one of my colleagues from Russia whom we have been into business for years now, just reach out to me, that he can't do business at the moment, so our ongoing project has to be put on hold or terminated

The situation is that all means of payment in his country home 'Russia' is down right now, he can't receive or withdraw money from his Payoneer which has been our means of payment over the years.

For years I have been sending him payment via Payoneer and Paxum, but today after the sanction I have not been able to send payment across to him, secondary he is very upset about the ongoing between Russia and Ukraine and I feel his pains

Our business model is very critical and we don't wish to hold or stop, so I suggested we use Crypto as means of payment transaction, he has received my message, read my message but has yet to reply to me, seriously I feel for him and all my colleagues in Russia having same issues

Even the rate of internet traffic has also dropped, never know Ukraine and Russia has this high numbers of online traffics, we started to see a reduction of traffic a few days ago, later discover that the ongoing situation around Russia and Ukraine are major contributor

Now I am beginning to understand the effect of the economy sanction across Russia. While I believe innocent Russians are more affected by this sanction, I hope the Russian government will end the war and embrace peace talks.

There are no winners in war but countless lives will be torn apart. Properties worth billions will be destroyed, families will lose loved ones, no winner only but losers, so we, all parties involved by all mean should always say a big NO to War and embrace peace

Again from what I have just read also almost all countries in the West and East are looking to block Russia from the worldwide banking system, if that is done, Russians can't deposit or withdraw even their own money and as I write to you the economy of Russia is drastically falling for the past 24 hours

While the exchange rate for cryptocurrencies across Russia may increase any time soon as that may be the only means of payment, e-transaction across the online business community in Russia, I have suggested to my friend but have yet to hear from him

From all of us World Forum App, We remain firmly committed to supporting all affected populations in Ukraine, Russia, and countries in the region is a hard time not just for them but for all humanity across the globe

We join hands to pray for world peace, #PrayforRussia, #Prayfor Ukraine
Pray for world leaders and lasting peace across the globe, among all nations in the world, I have also tried Qiwi one of the Russians local money transfer services systems, but is not going, I really feel for innocent online business owners across Russia at the moment, indeed war is never the best option to lasting solution to any situation. May peace reign at last. Click Here To Join The World Forum and be a voice to your community, leverage all features of the World Forum global community