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President Buhari Failed Nigerians With Distinction (Mahdi Shehu)

Mahdi Shehu one of the voices of the ordinary Nigerians, a noncommercial whistle blower, Human rights activist from West Africa Nigeria has once again expressed his disappointment with outgoing President Buhari's administration in his latest tweet expressing how "President Buhari failed Nigerians with distinction

He also listed the aeas in which President Buhari LEGACIES & RECORDS are, such as 100% broken promises, banditry, kidnappings, Ramson, inflation, nepotism, selective fight against corruption, senseless borrowing, poverty, tribalism, scandalous unemployment rate, a collapsing economy, hopelessness in the citizenry, declining Nationalism & Cohesion

Saying it as bold as it that President Buhari ''YOU FAILED WITH DISTINCTION: In your 8 years of disaster, you elevated nepotism to the highest level, you were visibly selective in fighting corruption, and you destroyed the economy, the polity, and cohesion. You are living us more disunited than you met us, sad to say that Nigeria had never been this divided under your watch as a leader, you mortgaged our future 100 years backward.

Through your crazy and wicked borrowings, over 64,000 innocent Nigerians were killed still under your watch, you set and watch families destroyed, communities burned down, and properties worth billion lost.

You destroyed businesses of all categories, sent 134 million into avoidable poverty, and promoted crimes, while corruption became a celebrated institution under your leadership as a President of Nigeria. Worst of all, you are living in denial. YOU ARE A FAILURE


Buhari whom many Nigerians believe has zero legacies but wasted 8 years of every Nigerian and stalled the progress of the most populous black Nation in the world. Will be leaving office on the 29th of May of this year 2023, it's indeed a sad experience for innocent Nigerians, Sign Up to this platform and read more Africa Thread here. And follow source Mahdi Shehu on twitter