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Russia and Ukraine War Risk Of World War Three Trump Warm Joe Biden (Watch)


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The former president of the United States Donald Trump has warned Joe Biden administration on Choice America faces, as it will interest you to learn that President Joe Biden has unveiled a $37 Billion United States dollar Joint Training Initiative for Ukraine's Defense in Meeting with President Zelenskyy as

Trump warns of War risks and potential for world war three, in his opinion, there are better ways and steps to take immediately and end the war, save lives and properties across not just Europe but the global world

Said the former President Donald Trump, who is currently leading in the @GOP poll has expressed concerns about the risks posed by the Russia-Ukraine war. Trump emphasizes the need for swift action to end the war and prevent further bloodshed and the drain of American dollars into Eastern Europe

Trump warns of the potential for widespread devastation, killings of innocent lives including hundreds of thousands of casualties, ruined cities and towns, and the looming threat of a catastrophic global conflict, even mentioning the possibility of “World War Three.” In his view, negotiation and pragmatism are the only viable paths forward to end the Russia - Ukraine war

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This warning came after President Joe Biden announced on Sunday being today 21 May 2022 a joint training initiative with partners nations aimed at enhancing Ukraine's self-defense capabilities during a bilateral meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy which took place at the Grand Prince Hotel in Hiroshima, Japan

The training program which is said to value at over $37 billion United state dollars, will focus more on providing advanced training to Ukrainian pilots on fourth-generation fighter aircraft including the F-16 fight jet, as well as equipping Ukrainian pilots with the necessary skills need to operate other sophisticated fighters weapons. A development Trump has warned the United State President Joe Biden's lead administration of the danger. Sign Up for this platform and keep reading news around the world. Stay safe


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This is the number one reason I don't vote to this day. Because we have to let men who act like they rule the world, do it exactly the wrong way when we did not vote for them on that type of power we voted for them to do right from wrong. I would vote for any person to step in for president except for Donald John Trump.