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Sometimes I keep Asking Myself, Why Are We Divided And Hateful



Sometimes I keep Asking Myself, Why Are We Divided And Hateful?

I have come to understand that Life is all about humanity, that is If we can put humanity first in everything we do, then I strongly believe the world will be much a better place for every one of us

You see, sometimes I keep asking myself, why are we divided and hateful among ourselves, why the racism and tribalism, why the religious war, nation-to-nation full-blooded war in the 21st century? Why there is so much hate among every one of us

Today we are living and occupying the world, in the next 100 to 200 years to come none of us will be here only but our children and the next generation will occupy the world. So the question is? why can't we live and let others live? Why can us can make this temporary place (Living) a better place for all

Sometimes when I move around West African countries and see the rate at which innocent people are suffering, most from poverty and diseases, it breaks my heart when I can't help them, I feel helpless

Can't blame anyone, not even the corrupt African leaders, when I move around and see how innocent people suffer it breaks my heart. This is why I choose to praise the ordinary people who don't have hope for tomorrow, whose voices are subjected, who can't appear on television, and who are not seen as celebrity influences across the social media platforms

Like the unrecognized farmer, the school teacher, or the dedicated voter who patiently waits in line for hours just to cast his or her votes, knowing that once politicians are sworn into office, they will likely forget them and romance with the elites alone.

I admire the soldier who travels miles away to fight for freedom and protect his nation but isn't given the recognition they truly deserve, as well as the innocent children around us, we often assume that the most generous or kindest people are the 'most successful' the elites, the politicians, or the wealthiest ones around us.

However, time and time again have proven that the most generous ones can be you reading this and me writing this. I've come to realize that the generous ones are the individuals we tend to overlook, the ones without a famous name or a significant bank account

It's crucial to change our perspective and embrace real human beings, learn to put humanity first in everything you do, and be responsible for making our world today a better place for all for everyone's life matters. Cheers from us all Sign up to World Socio Internet Marketing Forum and Marketplace for all actions.

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