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The Biggest Search Engine War Ever (Between Microsoft Bing And Google)


During my early days in internet marketing, we witness how Google can and took the stage over Bing as well went ahead to kill Altavista and some other search engine directories. That was years ago about 2 decades in roll and now we are set to witness yet another Search Engine War

In what I call Bing Come Back, Bing has been on for years not until Microsoft released its chat model called ChapGPT OpenAI, this has cost AI disruption across the online community as more people prefer using chat prompts to get answers from ChatGTP

That not being enough, News has it that Microsoft is set to incorporate GPT into Bing, Microsoft is quite big, but for years they've been unable to challenge Google Search directory.

But with this latest development, many believe they now have what it takes not just to challenge Google but to win the recent war on who dominant the Search (SERPs)

With the new plan of Microsoft set to incorporate ChapGPT into Bing as well Google Bard being far behind in the AI battle. It's possible that Bing when this strive, with just a decent front end and some heavy lifting back ends. Should Bing can achieve a decent front end, we might be witnessing a historical occurrence once more as this is going to be the funniest search business war ever

The truth is that Microsoft Bing has enough finance to win this 20+ years of war with Google, should they get this ChatGPT + Bing AI to search together in a simple front end, definitely it will be hard for Google to keep dominating, then imagine them enforcing it in every window PC with a GPT builtin

While some people still believe, they have never seen Chatgpt as a Google competitor, but rather as a great content generator for some informational niches and that is it, on a second note no one expects Google to fold their hands and watch, probably they are going to do something about this. For a long, there are working on

While this search engine fight may be a good one for online business owners, internet marketers and SEO agency, the online community need more competition, most important the search model needs more competitors, not a monopoly, so whoever among Bing and Google that won the recent search engine war may it be for the benefits of we the users (the online communities).

While we think about how possible is this, let's not forget that Google has also released its AI Chat model called Bard and they are also working on merging it with Google. Indeed is a big SEO war between Microsoft Bing and Google only but time will tell if Microsoft Bing +ChatGPT is going to be a Google Killer, no one know yet. Sign Up for World Socio Internet Marketing Forum open to the global world. Below is a search schema for Worldforumlive now moved to World Socio

worldforumlive schema looks on bing search.PNG