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The French Poll Election And Control Over Africa

Lately, some African countries are following a long walk to final freedom from France's control over them, the same way England and the United States are still in full control of several African countries. This was after years of independence.

As the French head to the polls today, and many in the United States are deceived into thinking that immigrants are the primary issue in France, it is crucial to dispel the false belief that France is an angelic country only recently facing challenges.

In reality, France’s historical and ongoing exploitation and theft in Africa have significantly impoverished numerous countries, contributing to their instability and hardship, and sending millions of people to their early deaths. France’s control over African nations has persisted long after their official independence.

The barbarity and atrocities that France has unleashed in Africa and around the world are far greater issues compared to a few immigrants in France causing trouble or seeking food for basic survival.

When following people on X Twitter who have never lived in another country, nor been to Africa their views and reasoning may often be narrow and myopic, failing to grasp the broader context of these deep-rooted issues.

So Here Are France's Exploitation of Africa: 10 Key Facts You Need To Know

1. CFA Franc: The CFA franc, used by 14 West African countries, ties these nations to France's economic and monetary system. These countries must deposit a significant portion of their foreign reserves into the French Treasury, restricting their economic sovereignty and development potential and this has been on for years

2. Colonial Debt: Post-independence, many African countries were saddled with colonial debt to France, which they continued to repay, significantly draining their economies, and creating more poverty across those Nations in Africa

3. Resource Control: French companies retain control over significant natural resources, including uranium mines in Niger, oil refineries in Gabon, and plantations in Cameroon. These resources are extracted primarily for the benefit of the French economy and exploited, and exported to their country.

4. Military Interventions: France has conducted numerous military interventions in African countries to protect its economic interests and political influence, such as Operation Barkhane in the Sahel region in most of these countries in Africa, France is the ones who determine who leads not the natives

5. Economic Policies: Post-independence, France continued to influence African economies through trade agreements and economic policies that favored French corporations, ensuring continued economic exploitation across most of these African nations.

6. Cultural Influence: France maintains cultural influence through educational and cultural programs that reinforce the French language and culture, promoting Francophonie and preserving its soft power in former colonies across Africa

7. Natural Resource Exploitation: The exploitation of natural resources, such as oil and minerals, by French companies has stifled local economic growth and perpetuated poverty and inequality in many African countries.

8. Support for Authoritarian Regimes: France has historically supported authoritarian regimes in Africa that align with its economic and political interests, contributing to political instability and repression.

9. Foreign Exchange Reserves: The requirement for CFA franc countries to maintain 50% of their foreign exchange reserves with the French Treasury limits their financial autonomy and development prospects.

10. Debt and Structural Adjustment: African countries have transferred enormous sums to the North through debt service, exacerbating economic dependency and limiting their capacity for independent development.

Why Africa Choice takes here: These points illustrate the multifaceted and enduring nature of France's exploitation of African countries, which continues to affect their economic, political, and social landscapes today. Join Africa Choice here for 100% free and check the Marketplace.

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