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The Internet Is A Free University


Lately, I have stopped being worried about academic qualifications and have stopped worrying if my brother, sister, friends, wife, neighbor, employee, and even children have a college (University) degree

Which are seriously no longer important in some career sets in our today's world. The internet is a free university to whoever wants to skill up and develop him or herself academically or skillset

Yes the Internet is a free university, Google, YouTube, Social media such as Twitter, and Facebook, Online Learning Portals, blogs, and forum platforms including our growing Worldsocio and many others are more than enough resources you need to keep investing in yourself, to keep building your career, academically, skillset

For example: If I need to determine how ‘Polymorphism works in Java’, I don’t need to get a degree to master this concept kit.

All I need is to simply Google it or search for a premium course on it online, including free YouTube courses similar to ‘Stack Overflow’ which is an excellent free resource for those who want to be computer scientists.

The same goes for those who want to go into the trending AI Technologies, Data scientists, Copywriters, and SEO professional, seriously, there are today tremendous resources 100% free online, from free tutorials about programming and other skill sets, that you can invest 6 to 12 months of your time on and build a far better you that you could ever imagine

To make the case more cool and profound, some universities, like MIT have free course portals where people can learn a lot for free. Just Google MIT Free course to see by yourself or search for "Free Online University Courses" or "Free online College Courses" Search those key phrases to see for yourself, there are a lot of them that maybe right for you

I admit that there might be certain expertise that may require college and real-time classroom learning for courses like Medicals, Medically Related

Courses like Civil Engineering, and a few others but at the same time, I hope a day will come when education will be free for all irrespective of where one is coming from, people should have 100% right to free education. People can even learn right from the comfort of their homes or offices irrespective of the country they reside

In a nutshell, if you have the passion to do something, please stop waiting for the perfect time, goto the internet, and search from paid or free resources available for any thing you want to learn and get started on.

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