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The US Election 2024 Republican Primary Poll Between Trump And DeSantis (Watch)


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Early this week, the US Election 2024 Republican Primary Poll between Fmr President Donald Trump and FL Governor Ron Desantis was held with Trump leading the poll with 53% to DeSantis having 26% only. See Result below

Now you see, single claiming that the media support Donald Trump or against Gov Ron DeSantis if I should clarify that it's simply not true. The media goal is to report where the voters stand based on real people, regardless of what the mainstream media is saying or not

As I write this, there is a prevailing narrative that Trump is facing investigations and charges, and has no chance of becoming President again, how true is this only but time will tell

So according to this narrative, the deep state is pushing someone they believe can win. However, when I talk to the people, listen to their opinions, review polls, and conduct my surveys independently, I realize that Trump will be a formidable contender in the GOP primaries. The general election outcome is uncertain.

I'm just here to inform people that their perceptions may not align with reality. As of now, most people on the right are still with Trump. This may change in the future, but for now, this is where the people stand.

I understand that some may label these individuals as election deniers, conspiracy theorists, racists, sca_mmers, or demons. However, I trust the judgment of the people, and my role is to listen to them and convey their perspectives. The choice of candidate should be in the hands of the people, the voters, not me, not the media, and not the deep state.

So, don't be surprised early next year if Donald Trump emerges as the winner of the primaries and faces the Democratic candidate in stiff. In reality, I am impartial and will cover all the candidates.

I receive messages, videos, and pictures from each campaign and write about them as I do with others. I have no personal bias or support for any particular candidate or party. What matters is that the people have the power to choose who they want.

The US Election 2024 Republican Primary Poll Between Trump And DeSantis.jpg

The people know best, better than the media, better than the lobbyists and special interest groups. Ignoring their voices or trying to manipulate the candidate selection process may not yield the desired outcome. If not, they might turn to alternative sources like mine and abandon the outlets they previously followed.

Additionally, it's important to note that I have limited power. While my articles are currently reaching millions of views and thousands read every 30 days, and this number may increase more as the US election approaches, many others possess more knowledge and influence, have larger platforms, and reach a broader audience.

As I go about giving my profession a character, I am simply adding my voice to the national conversation, to humanity. I don't have all the necessary resources, which is why I continue to ask for you to Sign Up for World Socio and help to expand my reach and impact more people. My main purpose is to drive conversation, solicit opinions, and create an interesting, beautiful, interactive, and entertaining platform for all.