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This Labour Party Agent Is Missing (Photo)


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For those reading us all over the world, the picture of the person shared on this thread is reported as a missing person from Rivers states Nigeria, in West Africa

This report was shared by a Facebook user name "Kazeen Olatoye" whose post read that ''this Labour Party Agent has been missing since on the 25th of February the same day Nigeria had their General election

Below was the "Kazeen Olatoye" post shared

He's a #LabourParty agent, popularly known as Obimarine is missing since 25feb Election day. He was a polling agent in Ward 6, Woji unit 3 at Port Harcourt, Rivers State. No one is talking about it anymore. Has he been found? Is he alive?

Please if you have any information about the above missing person "Obimarine" please heard to Kazeen Olatoye Facebook profile and comment, also Sign up at and drop your comment should you have any information about the said missing person. Joe reporting from WorldforumLIVE