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Top 10 Subsets of Internet Marketing


If you have been following me, you may have come across me advising business-minded people, startup businesses, and entrepreneurs to leverage as many subsets of Internet marketing as they can use to grow their businesses in today's tech world

And here I go again with the Top 10 Subsets of Internet Marketing, you can learn and key in when it comes to doing business effectively well online. Join Africa Choice here, your fast-growing digital marketing forum and marketplace platform, open to the global world

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First understand that internet marketing is the promotion of business products, services, or brands through digital channels such as search engines, social media platforms, email, mobiles, and websites.

It also involves using digital technologies to create, drive, communicate, and deliver value to customers and prospects across the world, with just your smartphone or computer with access to the internet. You can easily carry out your internet marketing effortlessly and have great returns

Our post thread for the day is focused on "The Top 10 Subsets of Internet Marketing" Which includes:

1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Yes even in today's AI Age, SEO remains the top one on our list, so very important that you optimize your online business for SEO ranking

Optimizing not just your website, website content to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) for specific keywords, you also need to optimize other of your social media channels so they rank across both social media platform search, which today is not part of SEO Search directories

2: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: One of the best things to happen to you as an online business owner is to start investing in paid ads to grow your business

To make success with Paid advertisement, you need to run your ads consistently, so set out a budget to cover your ads and you need to set up your ads in a way that it can convert. So you will have returns to keep investing in paid ads

Yes creating and publishing ads online is a win-win step for you and I will keep on recommending this subset of marketing to anyone who cares to hear. Leverage paid ads massively

3: Social Media Marketing: In fact, if you are not on social media or your business is not on social media, then what next?

Most artist and businesses in the early 2000s that faded out today in both career and business, have to link their failure to the fact they failed to leverage the power of social media at the early stages

So both you and your business need to be on Social media, if you truly want to grow online, social media marketing is one important subset of marketing you can't afford to miss

So join social media and ensure your business is using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter X, TikTok, and Instagram to promote products or services.

4: Email Marketing: Email marketing has been in existence for over 3 decades now and is still waxing strong. This is yet another powerful subset of digital marketing you can't afford to miss should you are building a long-term business model. You need effective email marketing. To start building leads and sending targeted and personalized messages to customers and prospects via email and much more

5: Content Marketing: Contents creature is today billion-dollar sub-niche marketing almost everyone is leveraged across the internet and this is a welcome development to those who care for result-oriented business marketing

You need to start creating high-quality base content and sharing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience, then use a Call to action to keep selling your products and services to them, making 3x more profits at ease

6: Affiliate Marketing: Network and engage with other like minds as affiliates to grow your business at ease, partnering with affiliates who promote products or services and earn a commission on sales or referrals. These are fast ways of leveraging other people's power in growing your online business and are a great subset of Internet marketing

7: Influencer Marketing: Influencer-based marketing is a sure plug for internet marketing of today, here you can start partnering with influential individuals or organizations to promote products or services to their followers, which today is a great subset of marketing lot of people like you are already using to grow their business and earn more money

8: Video Marketing: Videos, both long and short videos are going viral across social media platforms and people with business mindsets have also key into creating marketing viral videos with calls to action for their business products or services

So using video content to promote products or services on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Twitter X, Vimeo, Instagram, and Facebook. etc can be a win-win for you and your business

9: Mobile Marketing: The world is mobile now, with just your mobile phone you can access the world, connect, hang out, and do business with anyone across the world

While this is possible, there are platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram and even SMS/BulkSMS you can use to send business marketing promotional messages and get people to read your message in seconds

Most people, don't ignore messages sent to them as Text SMS, Bulk SMS, Whatsapp Messages, and Telegram messages people take action to open and read such messages and this and many more make mobile marketing a great subset of marketing

Haven said that I recommend you get access to our Whatsapp Bulk Sender Application here to start leveraging mobile marketing possibilities in growing your business

10: Analytics and Reporting: With the internet, you can analyze and track all your internet activities and find out areas where you are not doing good, improve in such areas

As well find out areas in which you are doing good and keep repeating the activities you are doing in those areas in growing your business, tracking and measuring the performance of internet marketing efforts to optimize and improve your overall results is important

Remember all these subsets of Internet marketing offer many benefits, including increased reach, flexibility, measurability, and results-oriented, making it a crucial part of many businesses' marketing strategies.

Now which of the top 10 subsets of internet marketing are you finding it hard to leverage, Chat me on WhatsApp at +2348068608490, let me hear it and provide you with all the help and tools you need to kick start

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