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Twitter Is Adding Email Autoresponder Subscribers Feature. Watch



Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter, it has indeed improved to better as some report now shows that the time "People Are Spending on Twitter X Has Increased up to 14%" from last year

With more activities driven by sports, business, finance, music, entertainment, gossip, health, and political enthusiasts all happening across the Twitter X platform. Twitter X platform seem to be better now when compare to how Elon meet it: Should you are yet to Join WorldSocio Click Here Now To Sign Up for 100% Free

And now, Twitter X everything in one app has announced. They are working on adding new features among them are Video and Voice Calls and more interesting feature that helps creators to have full access and ownership to their subscribers "The Subscribers' auto-responder features"

Twitter Is Adding Email Autoresponder Subscribers Feature, worldsocio.jpg

The Twitter X Subscribers auto-responder feature will allow creators to collect leads right from Twitter X, leads such as email leads of their subscribers, they can also nurture their leads right on the Twitter X platform and more importantly, at any time, any day a creator feels he or she wants to move his subscribers out from Twitter X, they are free to do so

They are free to move their subscribers to any platform they feel like, as Twitter X has given them full access and full ownership of their subscribers which to many creators, is a welcome development.

See below how Elon Musk CEO of Twitter X and X News Daily reacted to the thread live on Twitter X

Elon's Reaction was: Creators must be able to leave our platform at any time and take their subscribers with them. We want to give peace of mind to creators that they’re not trapped here if they build a large audience. Also remember to Sign Up To WorldSocio Here

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