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Tyson Fury Set To Fight Anthony Joshua September At Wembley Stadium


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BREAKING: Tyson Fury Set To Fight Anthony Joshua September At Wembley Stadium this year 2023, as tweeted by Tyson. See the latest tweet below

In his voice, Tyson Fury told his followers that all is set, in a few days ago, my team and I sent a draft contract to Anthony Joshua with the tweet handle @anthonyjoshua for a fight coming up in September 2023 at the Wembley Stadium

In his claim, it's a fight that everyone wants to see, everyone has been waiting on for so long including myself. Come off AJ, come on Anthony Joshua let's give the world 🌎 what they want to see, what they have been waiting for. This time I'm not gonna make a million vids & keep putting pressure, I'm going to finish it up

Tyson Fury who is still battling mild mental health issues, will fight has now been confirmed as all is set for the long-awaited Tyson Fury Vs Anthony Joshua fight and this time around is coming to Wembley Stadium in the heart of England


Tyson has also used his page to advocate for Mental Health wellness, saying there will always be a cause that he will fight for. As someone who is still combatting and facing head-on this silent threat of "Mental Health Issues", he vowed to always use his platform and voice to be a champion in this space!

Saying: This mental health awareness week we are on a mission to FIGHT THE SILENCE by encouraging people to get talking, speak up, and don't keep silent and dye silently. After he took to the streets of Manchester to start real conversations with Furocity Energy and the formidable @talkclubcharity
on ways to stay mentally fit. #FightTheSilence as the world awaits the Tyson Fury Vs Anthony Joshua in September this year. Sign Up to World Socio for more. Source: Tyson Fury's Tweet handle also read more entertainment thread live at this platform