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What is Space rental script and its features?


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Sharing Economy​

Sharing economy is defined as a peer-to-peer-based activity of sharing goods and assets with guests who need space for special events.
As you are all aware, house renting is one of them and has been in existence for many years.

The technology shifts and the accessibility of the internet to the public have changed the way of sharing assets from traditional to app.

The app act as an intermediator between hosts and guests.

People nowadays prefer to rent items rather than buying them. As a result, the demand for rental industries continues to rise. Space rental is one of the niches in the rental industry. So, what exactly is rental space?

Rental space?​

It is a space-sharing platform in which the host can share their space with the guest. It is advantageous for businesspeople to schedule meetings or events for a specific period.

At the same time, it is reserved for photoshoots, video shoots, workshops, performances, and baby showers.

What is space rental script?​

It is an exact clone of Peerspace, which can help entrepreneurs launch their space rental platform.

In addition, the features and functionality match with Peerspace. It accelerates the entrepreneur's journey by providing 100% customization and a quick launch.

If you are wondering how the start-to-end process of bookings has been done through the app. I have presented data of its workflow in the below section.

Workflow of space rental script:​

  1. Sign in / sign up
  2. Publish space listing on the platform
  3. Search your space listing
  4. Add the payout option
  5. Send booking request
  6. Receive booking request
  7. Message space owner
  8. Wait for the owner to conform
  9. Accept/decline a booking request
  10. Check-in
  11. Invite a guest to the space
Now you get an idea about how its works. Now, let's move on to its features.

Features of space rental script:​

  1. Video call support
  2. Automated e-mail notification
  3. Recommended listings
  4. Popular location
  5. Manage reservation
  6. Cancellation policies
  7. Edit profile
  8. Document verification
  9. Report users
  10. Transaction history
These are the most important features of the space rental script. If you intend to create one, consider these features to be essential for your app.

Final note:​

I hope that I help you understand about space rental script. Before saying goodbye, I have one thing to say. If you are an entrepreneur in search of smart developers to build your space rental app. You came to the right place.

To tell about ourselves, we are a bunch of developers helping startup owners in developing their apps on time.

If you have any queries about the development process? Contact us.


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