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Thumbtack is an intermediator, they provide a platform for users and service providers. Users can access the app without any charge. But the commission is charged for a service provider.

Statistics show that there are over $10 million users and 500 different types of services available in a thumbtack.

Thumbtack allows users to search, hire, and rate the service provider. At the same time allows the service provider and individual profession to get listed and make money.

Once you log in as a user, you can choose any service from various service providers. It is easy to compare the price, credible & local business, and it is free to use.

When you click the name of a service provider, it will provide an overview of the company, payment method, social media handles, etc.

How Thumbtack made revenue? As I said earlier, service providers must pay a commission for the leads they receive. The Lead is a user who converts into a customer. The commission varies from one business to another.

What is Thumbtack clone?​

Thumbtack clone is a ready-made solution with identical features and functionality. It is suitable for entrepreneurs looking to transform their traditional Handyman business into an app-based platform.

More than that, it offers 100% customization and a quick launch.

Instead of developing an app from scratch, it is a pre-built app, so there is a need to code from scratch. Customization is the only step that needs before launch.

Some of the features of the Thumbtack clone include :

  • Schedule a service
  • Quick search
  • Chat & assistance
  • Review & ratings
  • Save multiple addresses
  • Real-time tracking

How to Build one​

If you want to develop Thumbtack clone app, we will help you every step of the way, from development to launch.

Who are we? We are a group of developers who found success in assisting startup owners in achieving their dreams and goals by offering a ready-made solution.

Don't be worried about getting started; if you have any queries on how to build an On-demand handyman app, contact us.


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