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When 95 Percent Of The Time Online Businesses Fail


Can't imagine, when 95 percent of the time online businesses not just online businesses, but businesses in general fail

Hello friend, if you are into an online business, possibly have one or two businesses running online, or are planning to start an online business, it will interest me if you get this fact that 95 percent of the time, businesses, including online businesses fail within their first 5 years of existence, only but 5 percent make it further

So know this and strive to be among the 5 percent of those that make it, yes making it may not be by your power, not by your makings, not by hard work, smartness, or otherwise, but you still need to be on alert and keep striving to help your business or company make it to the top. Is going to be challenging and does take time to build any business, it takes time and a lot of resources to build a striving business, be it an online or offline business

And when you finally start, let's say an online business or company like Google, Twitter, Facebook, NLSOFT, Publisher of WorldSocio, and SOSO, there are high possibilities you may fail within your first 5 years, but work smarter not to let that happened. And again, when most people are starting a business or company there are not starting as a millionaire or usually billionaires, most time the idea part is not fully formed

Then during your small beginning, there are no eyes on you, not even the government policies, and no government officials asking you to pay for this tax and, no rule forcing you to ban anyone or group of people from being part of your online platform.

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But ninety-five percent of the time, you stand to fail, even when you started and possibly fail no one ever hears about you, your online business, or your company. There is no billionaire to buy it. You're often in the lop, basement, or a workstation if you can afford it.

Usually, there are a lot of headaches. There are only landlords asking you to pay rent, and other utility bills on your head, people are walking away from you and only initial friends and freelancers warning you they will soon leave if you can't pay.

Often, there is less food to eat. A few friends may invite you to birthday parties. The sophisticated girls and guys are often nowhere near you to hang out with. No influencers, journalists, or YouTubers are calling you for an interview.

Many people block your number or pretend they did not see your call. It's an initially lonely path to travel alone. It's only you, your small group of friends, sometimes your family, your mom dad, and siblings, or just your mom that keep encouraging you to keep striving for more, that better days are coming

Then comes success, and when your business or company becomes popular, successful, and strong, later you have government officials asking you to abide by this rule and that, pay this tax, ad tax and that, even ask you to ban this person or the other, ban this group of people or the others

If your platform is a social media portal like Facebook, Twitter, soso, or a forum like Worldsocio, they may ask you to remove this content or that one, monitor this or that, and question your character and political beliefs and much more

If your company succeeds and you have billionaires trying to buy it just like how Twitter grow and Elon Musk bought it early last year. They would take credit and make more money, impose new rules, terms, and policies, impose new fees, and charge for services that were formerly free just the same way Twitter has set a limit to all user's accounts, is shocking

If your business grows to an international level, you would also have people in Congress from different countries questioning you, asking you hard questions, lashing out, and pointing out your failures.

There would be many people lecturing on television, and even though none of them was there when you started, most of them were never there when you needed help. When you are hungry and needed some food to eat just to keep going when you need budgets on ads to leverage on paid advertisement in growing your business or finance to keep up with the server

The good news is if you succeed, rather than becoming bitter and angry or seeking revenge on them, you often become softer, a very good person, a very good businessman or woman, and you become very grateful that you made it to the top

When your business or company has arrived, you become glad that you can pay for your breakfast. You remember how many times you came so close to failure, how many times you did fail but never gave up

You remember how many situations you almost gave up. You become a person of strong character, a person of better will who shows kindness and boasts less because you know the story could have been completely different

Above all, you realize that there was a supernatural Being and God's power that guided your steps, that God and nature were right involved in your path, in all that concerns you, that God is with us NL SOFT, owners of Nairalearn, WorldSocio, Africa SOSO as we keep pushing

You become less entitled, submitting all success to God, blessing and being grateful to mother earth, knowing that it's not because you worked harder, smarter, or longer than anyone else that made you succeed, many did and failed, and some even died alone the ay long time ago

Sincerely it's not because you're smarter, a better person, gifted, talented, or more handsome or beautiful than anyone else, it's a combination of hard work, perseverance, yes, but also luck

Indeed building a business is not easy and time 95% of businesses, and companies fail within their first 5 years of operation, May God help us to be counted among the top success 5 years from Now. Cheers to all. Check out the Marketplace here and remember to Join World Socio here. Just follow the registration form and create your premium account for 100% free
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