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World Health Organization Outraged After Israel Bombed AL-Shifa Hospital In Gaza


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BREAKING: The World Health Organization (WHO) is outraged after Israel bombed Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

The Director-General of WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus @DrTedros writes, "Al-Shifa hospital in #Gaza this morning, following the end of the latest Israeli siege. I repeat: hospitals must be respected and protected; they must not be used as battlefields."

He further explained that an additional 21 patients have died since the hospital came under siege. Hostilities continue around the hospital according to updates from Al-Shifa Hospital in #Gaza reported by a health worker inside the hospital before it was bombed this morning

107 patients are in an inadequate building, within the hospital compound, lacking needed health support, medical care, and supplies, while some patients have been moved multiple times within the hospital compound since the siege began.

Among the patients are 4 children and 28 critical patients lacking necessary means of care - no diapers, urine bags, or water to clean wounds. Many have infected wounds and are dehydrated. Since yesterday only one bottle of water remains for every 15 people. Contagious diseases are spreading due to extremely unsanitary conditions, and a lack of water.

Food is extremely limited – this is potentially life-threatening for diabetic patients whose condition is worsening and all these happenings are worrisome. We urge Israel to urgently facilitate access and a humanitarian corridor so WHO and partners can carry out the lifesaving transfer of patients.

We repeat: every moment matters. We Once Again Call On Ceasefire In GAZA!

After the bombing Israel Defense Force (IDF) said, that the hospital must not be used as a hiding place for Hamas or other terrorist organizations, giving account that this is what happens when terrorists use civilian buildings

And communities that become valid targets when used by the enemy even when millions of people, top organizations, and other countries' governments have called for a cease-fire in Gaza.

Sadly the aftermath of the operation revealed a tragic toll of at least 400 Palestinians who lost their lives, including patients and medical workers at AI-Shifa hospital

This morning's operation paints a starkly different picture with the AI-Shifa hospital reduced to rubble and volunteers scrambling to retrieve and bury the deceased. is sad that such is still happening in our world today It needs more peace and oneness, not WAR. Sign Up To Africa Choice for more incentives