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WORLD WAR THREE LOADING As NATO Is Developing Multiple Land Corridors


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Yesterday, The World Moved Closer To WORLD WAR THREE, Yes, Possible World War 3 Is LOADING: As NATO Keep Pushing and Russia, China, Israel, USA Are All Ready For War

In this ill thinking, the only way to have peace is to be ready for war, so they keep preparing for war, building weapons of mass destruction

Yesterday 4th of June 2024, NATO started developing multiple "land corridors" to swiftly move US troops and armor to the front lines in the event of a major European ground war with Russia.

Where American soldiers would land at one of five ports and be directed along pre-planned logistical routes to confront a potential attack by Moscow, officials told The Media.

The latest and scary development comes as President Biden flew to Paris last night to commemorate World War II and promise that he would defend democracy at all costs. Even if it means war, they are fully ready

His visit includes marking the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings, highlighting the sacrifices made by Allied forces, and underscoring the enduring commitment to freedom and democracy.

The White House said he will deliver a speech on democracy. He will fly back to Delaware on Sunday before returning to the White House next week.

This happening at a time when the world needs more inclusiveness, unity, oneness, and peace which is in the interest of everyone. Is sad how the world is nearing World War III, a nuclear war that will cost the global world and humanity everything, a war that should be avoided. Sign up for Africa Choice to stay on

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