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Requirement For FaceBook Monetization



Here Are the requirements for Facebook monetization And the Steps To How you can get Them All

Our focus is on African country's requirement for Facebook Monetization using Nigeria as a model. But first Join Africa Choice Here for more incentives.

Below Are The Requirement For FaceBook Monetization

1: Incorporated Business. You will need an incorporated business name certificate, it can be Business Enterprises, LTD, or an NGO incorporated, and if you are reading me from West Africa Nigeria

You can get such from the Nigeria government through her ministry (CAC) Corporate Affairs Commission which is a Federal government institution in charge of that

When you have gotten an incorporated business name certificate with any of the African countries. With the document (Certificate). You can proceed to get the FaceBook Monetization requirement 2, being TIN.

2: TIN. Tax Identification Number, because Facebook wants you to be paying taxes to your country. So they require your Tax Identification Number which you can get from Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

TIN Is 100% free and I have written steps on how to get it in less than 1 hour Checkout How To Apply For TIN (Tax Identification Number) in Nigeria

Once you have gotten these documents, you are good to go and remember. To apply for both documents, you will need to have your National ID, Passport photography, and Signature.

3: You will need a Dollar account.
Yes, Facebook pays in dollars not yet in any of the Africa Currency, not in Nigeria's Naira, so is impossible for you to receive your earnings pay from Facebook into your local bank account.

So you need a dollar account and here are the simple steps you need to take to get a dollar account right in any African country. Walk up to any of the local banks around you (Country) and apply for a dollar account.

You will need to go along with your incorporated business certificate, Your TIN Certificate, Your National ID Card or International Passport, Passport photography, Utility bills, and more importantly Referees and ask for a Dollar account application form. Apply and you have your dollar account assigned to you.

Once all these are available, you can proceed back to your Facebook Page Dashboard Or Facebook Professional Profile Dashboard and fill up the requirements form, submit it and you are good to go. Should you have any questions to ask. Please Join This platform Africa Choice for free and drop your question below.

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